French Fries Recipe

French fries are the most favorite dishes of children, youngsters, and older people here. It is said that French fries originated in Belgium. American soldiers had discovered French fries during world war I. Some other citations assert that French fries were discovered in France a few years before Revolution. But the former theory sounds plausible than the latter. Since French was a dominant language in Belgium, they named tasty potatoes “French Fries”. This is how; French Fries came into our lives.

How to Make Exceptionally Tasty French Fries?

Many people want to make tasty and heavenly French fries, which are crispy outer layer and soft inside. But how can a person make such soft and hard French fries at the same time? We have delineated en entire process as to how to make exceptionally delicious French fries.

Ingredients for French Fries

  • 03 pounds potatoes
  • Vegetable Oil for frying
  • Sea salt
  • Oven baking paper

Directions for Making French Fries

  1. Peel Potatoes: First of all, you should peel and rinse the potatoes. Then, cut the potatoes into sticks by dicing potatoes into bigger 4-5 vertical slabs. Now, cut the potato vertically into many sticks. If you find it hard to cut the potatoes in sticks, there are potato French fries cutters also available in the market.
  2. Soak the Potatoes: After cutting the potatoes, place the potatoes on a plate full of water or a bowl of water. Add the salt to the water at this stage. You can preferably soak the potato sticks in water overnight or for 2 to 3 hours.
  3. Removing Excessive Water of Potatoes Sticks: Once you are all geared up for frying the potatoes, rinse the potatoes and spread them nicely on baking paper. You can also blot the potatoes on paper so as to dry them fully.
  4. Heating Oil in the Frying Pan: Now, it is time to heat the oil in a frying pan. Heat the oil to 300 degrees and fry 3-4 batches in the frying pan. You should cook each batch for 4-5 minutes. No batch should get browned. Brown French fries mean “over-fried”. You cannot serve them to anyone. Remember to remove all the batches from oil and keep them on baking paper. Also, drain the excess oil onto the papers.
  5. Frying Potatoes on 400 Degrees: Once you have fried the potatoes at 300 degrees, you should turn up the heat of the oil to 400 degrees. Now, fry the potatoes in batches once again. This time, you need to fry them in highly heated oil. Fries should get crispy and fully cooked. Then, remove the French fries from the oil and drain the French fries on paper towels.
  6. Adding Sea Salt on Fries: Now, sprinkle the salt and enjoy eating the most delicious French fries that you have made.

To bring the crispiness to the French fries, you can add all-purpose flour. 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour will increase the crispiness of the French fries. You can serve the French fries with tomato ketchup. Tomato ketchup and French fries is a heaven match.

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